Sealant, foam duct kit, 8.5-Oz, Polywater
Sealant, foam duct kit, 8.5-Oz, Polywater

Code: FST-250KIT1
Brand: Polywater
Product Details
Sealant, foam duct kit, 8.5-Oz, Polywater

FST™ Duct Sealant - PowerPatch® Leak Repair Kit
Part No: EPC-KITB6 + TOOL-50-11

FST-250 is used for 50mm or larger conduits.  A standard high-ratio caulking tool is required for use (TOOL-50-11 Sold Separately)

  • Quick plugging action - A fast-cure putty that stops oil seepage
  • Permanent seal - A 2-part paste overcoat forms a permanent seal
  • Durable - Finished seal is impervious to water, oil and weather
  • Fast - System can plug and seal active leaks in minutes
  • Saves money - Faster than welding. Transformer may stay in service
  • Simple - Eliminates “bagging” or removal from field and unexpected outages
  • Convenient - Kit contains all materials needed to fix leak while in the field

A Multi-Use, Quick-Setting Two-Part, Foam-Base Duct Sealing System

  • Seal water, dirt, oil, gases, rodents, or other contaminants out of conduit/duct
    • Protect your investment in cable, electronics
    • Deter copper cable thieves
  • Cured foam is strong, resilient and chemically resistant
    • Provides superior protection in adverse field conditions and where cable movement is present
  • Can hold 5m water-head pressure over an extended period of time
  • Will tolerate cable movement
  • Foam expands and cures quickly even when water is present
    • Seal ducts quickly and neatly
  • Two-part foam is mixed in nozzle as it is injected - no mixing required
    • Saves time with no measuring
  • Packages are resealable, no waste
  • Cured foam is semi-permanent and can be removed
  • No known effects on common cables


  • 1 x 240g two-part Foam Sealant caulking tube style with resealing cap
  • 3 x Mixing nozzles
  • 2 x 600mm Foam damming strips
  • 1 x Pair Disposable gloves
  • 1 x Position rod
  • 1 x Pretreating wipe
  • Instruction Sheet

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