Madi FlatRound Wire Brush

Madi FlatRound Wire Brush

Code: FRWB-1
Brand: Madi
Product Details
Wire brush, "FlatRound", for flat and round connections, lightweight, snap ring, Madi

 Flatround Conductor Brush - Linesman's Wire Brush

 * Store separately, only use on specified conductor type as contamination can occur

  • Integrated replaceable wire brushes for cleaning conductors to make better connections
  • Brushes up to 1590 MCM conductor
  • FlatRound has a profile for hard to brush places
  • Durable, lightweight and convenient to carry on climbing belts
  • Non-Conductive and brushes are not exposed
  • Built-in snap ring
  • Wire brushes are easily replaceable (Part # LWB-1)
  • Hi visibility green colour
  • Lightweight
  • Large Wire Brush Replacement available LWB-1 - sold separately

Decreases outages, minimise open neutrals and bad connections, and create significant savings by brushing conductors properly!

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