Earth Trailing Lead on Reel w/ spike and insulated handle

Earth Trailing Lead on Reel w/ spike and insulated handle

Code: ETL20SS
Product Details
Lead, earth trailing, 20m on reel w/spike and insulated handle

Independant Earth Trailing Lead

Part No. ETL20SS

Developed with Australian utilities the Earth Reel has a 1000V insulated handle covering a strong stainless steel rod to eliminate a requirement in some regions to cover the spike. The tapered auger assists with easy driving into the variety of soil densities encountered in the field

Incorporated into the earth reel is a custom brass bushing running the full width of the reel, this runs smoothly on the stainless steel shaft ensuring continuous reliable continuity

There is a fully adjustable drag system to prevent the reel from over spooling and it also allows the reel to be locked when not in use. To accommodate a variety of test equipment accessories a stackable 4mm banana plug is fitted to 20 metres of green cable flexible 1.0mm cable 0.6/1kV. The green cable has an inner white colour wear indicator layer to alert the user to cable damage. This Earth Reel has been designed to be robust, reliable and maintenance free and it is available now.

  • 1000V Insulated Handle
  • Adjustable drag system
  • 20m green flexible 1.0mm cable 0.6/1kV cable
  • Brass bushing ensures low resistance connectivity
  • The cable includes an inner white colour wear indication layer
  • Stackable banana plug accommodates a variety of test equipment accessories.
Part No.Stake LengthStake TypeLead Length (m)Weight

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