Electro Mechanical Ratchet Crimper 1.5T
Electro Mechanical Ratchet Crimper 1.5T

Code: EK50MLAU
Brand: Klauke
Product Details
Crimper, battery, ratchet, 1.5T, light, case, battery, charger, IS5071 die, Klauke

Fast and easy to use like a mechanical crimping tool, powerful and efficient like a hydraulic tool. 


  • High speed crimping time <1.5 seconds
  • Lightweight - Tool including battery less than 1kg
  • Efficient drive technology
  • Convenience of battery-powered hydraulic tools in one device
  • Compact design - Ideal for jobs where: - Connecting material has to be crimped quickly and in a high volume; - A handy, mobile tool is required, e.g. for switch cabinet construction; - and numerous other installation applications in trade and industry such as automotive wiring harnesses.
  • Automatic retraction
  • Interchangeable Klauke 50-Series crimping dies
  • LED light illuminates work area
  • EK50MLAU includes tool, case, battery, charger & IS5071 die


  • Crimping Force 15kN/ 1.5Tonne
  • Crimping Range 0.14 - 50mm2
  • Crimping Time <1.5 seconds
  • Crimps per Charge 300@10mm2 Cu DIN 46234
  • Battery 1.5Ah/10.8V Li-ion
  • Charging Time 40 minutes
  • Tool Weight 0.96kg incl. battery

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