Multi Tool - Battery Hydraulic c/w 12 Tonne Die adaptor, Crimp - Cut - Punch
Multi Tool - Battery Hydraulic c/w 12 Tonne Die adaptor, Crimp - Cut - Punch

Code: EK120UNVCFM-0
Brand: Klauke
Product Details
Multi Tool, battery hydraulic, 18V, b/tooth, 12T, crimp adapt, skin, Klauke

Klauke Battery Powered Hydraulic Universal Tool 10-400mm

Part No: EK120UNVCFM-0 (skin supplied with case)

Part No: EK120UNVCFM-K (tool supplied with case inc. charger and 2 x batteries)

One head for crimping, cutting and punching - one tool for all

Ideal for field operations where all common jobs can be carried out with just one tool

Very large crimping range

All tool data can be viewed using on-tool display and i-press app


  • Makita battery system
  • All data can be easily read via Bluetooth
  • Universal head with flip top style, rotatable
  • Simple and safe: One-button operating concept for controlling all tool functions
  • Automatic retraction when operation is complete
  • 2 stage hydraulic system with fast feed and power stroke
  • Effortless working due to balanced centre of gravity
  • LED for work area illumination
  • LED display for showing tool data
  • Battery charge and service display
Crimping Force 108kN
Stroke 42mm
Crimping Range 6 - 400mm²
Crimping Cycle Depending on cable type
Cutting Range max. 40mm diameter
Punching Capacity up to 144mm diameter round, up to 138 x 138mm square
Charging Time 45 minutes
Weight 7.35kg

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