Multi Tool - Battery Hydraulic c/w 12 Tonne Die adaptor, Crimp - Cut - Punch

Multi Tool - Battery Hydraulic c/w 12 Tonne Die adaptor, Crimp - Cut - Punch

Code: EK120UNVCFM-0
Brand: Klauke
Product Details
Multi Tool, battery hydraulic, 18V, b/tooth, 12T, crimp adapt, skin, Klauke

Klauke Battery Powered Hydraulic Universal Tool 10-400mm

Part No: EK120UNVCFM-0 (skin supplied with case)

Part No: EK120UNVCFM-K (tool supplied with case inc. charger and 2 x batteries)

  • One head for crimping, cutting and punching - one tool for all
  • Ideal for field operations where all common jobs can be carried out with just one tool
  • Very large crimping range
  • All tool data can be viewed using on-tool display and i-press app


  • Makita battery system
  • All data can be easily read via Bluetooth
  • Universal head with flip top style, rotatable
  • Simple and safe: One-button operating concept for controlling all tool functions
  • Automatic retraction when operation is complete
  • 2 stage hydraulic system with fast feed and power stroke
  • Effortless working due to balanced centre of gravity
  • LED for work area illumination
  • LED display for showing tool data
  • Battery charge and service display
Crimping Force 108kN
Stroke 42mm
Crimping Range 6 - 400mm²
Crimping Cycle Depending on cable type
Cutting Range max. 40mm diameter
Punching Capacity up to 144mm diameter round, up to 138 x 138mm square
Charging Time 45 minutes
Weight 7.35kg

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