5T/50kN Digital Dynamometer, +/-0.2%, 5kg Division, Dillon

5T/50kN Digital Dynamometer, +/-0.2%, 5kg Division, Dillon

Code: EDJR-5T
Brand: Dillon
Product Details
Dynamometer, digital, 5t, 50kN, +/-0.2%, 5kg div, certificate, case, Dillon

Dillon EDJR Series

  • Accuracy 0.2% of capacity
  • Easy to read wide angle 26mm Back-lit LCD with max hold feature
  • Soft key interface with programmable functions
  • Rounded edges prevent binding or snagging
  • Manufactured from aircraft grade aluminium alloy
  • Calibration certificate, manual and batteries included
  • Corrosion resistant and supplied with carry case
  • 7:1 factor of safety at all capacities
  • IP Rating IP55
  • Supplied with In-Service Date sticker
Part No. Capacity (0.2% Accuracy) Increments Dimensions (L x W x D) Weight with Shackles
EDJR-1T 1T 1kgf 312mm x 127mm x 52mm 1.8kg
EDJR-2T 2T 2kgf 269mm x 127mm x 75mm 3.9kg
EDJR-5T 5T 5kgf 289mm x 135mm x 102mm 6.5kg

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