Pole Wrench, Chance

Pole Wrench, Chance

Code: C305-0021
Brand: Chance
Product Details
Pole wrench, wood, concrete & steel poles, 1.8m strap, 3409kg UTS, Chance

Chance Pole Wrench

The two-in-one tool performs the functions of both a cant hook and a pole tong without spiking the pole. With positive control, it grasps poles of round or other geometric cross sections (square, hex, etc.) made of metal, fiber, concrete or wood.

Latex-impregnated nylon-web strap (1-3/4" x 6 feet) rated at 7,500 lb. tensile strength securely grips poles, even large diameter poles. Rugged design also includes a 2"-diameter x 4 feet Chance orange Epoxiglas® handle with plastisol butt cap, a cast-aluminum head and two forged-steel bails.

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