Wireless Phasing and Voltage Detector with horn and light, 240V-800kV, Bierer
Wireless Phasing and Voltage Detector with horn and light, 240V-800kV, Bierer

Code: AV800AU
Brand: Bierer
Product Details
Detector, voltage, phase 800kV 240-800kV phase, 4-69kV cont, horn, light, wireless, Bierer

Cordless Phasing Tester, Visual & Audible

The cordless AV800AU is designed to operate similar to a conventional phasing tester, but does not require an interconnect cable.

The unit consists of a Reference Probe (transmitter) and a Meter Probe (receiver) and will operate reliably at distances up to 30m. The phasing tester is useable from 120V to 800kV

Audio and visual signalling upon detection

  • For phasing, phase sequencing and phase angle indication
  • For use on 3 phase secondary systems, capacitive test points, URD systems, overhead and transmission substation systems
  • Wireless up to 30m, no extension resistors required
  • Manual selection modes: Off, ON & TEST
  • Self test function tests internal circuitry and displays battery voltage
  • All models 50Hz
  • Water resistant and durable construction
  • Supplied in durable foam padded hard storage case


  • Phase Capacitive Test Points & LV across HV
  • Phase Sequence Indicator LED’s
  • Phase Angle Indication in Degrees
  • Contact Phasing 120V-69kV
  • Non-Contact Phasing 69-800kV, Hooks required and sold separately
  • Delta/Wye Indication
  • High Intensity Colour Coded LED’s
  • Probes are Completely Shielded to Minimise Stray Field Interference
  • Wireless, no Interconnecting Cable
  • Impact & Water Resistant
Part No Phasing Range AC Voltage (V)
Contact Non-Contact*
AV800AU 120 - 69,000 69,000 - 800,000*

*Unit capability with purchase of additional extension hook.

Kit Details
Part No Meters Probes Adaptor Wt Kit
LED Sisplay Reference Hook Straight Shotgun/Universal
AV800AU Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 4.4kg

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