45kN Hydraulic Puller Tensioner, Tesmec

45kN Hydraulic Puller Tensioner, Tesmec

Code: AFS404
Brand: Tesmec
Product Details
Hydraulic puller, tensioner, max pull 45kN at 2.7km/h, max speed 5km/h at 25kN, Tesmec

  • Suitable to string one or two ropes or bundled conductors
  • Bull wheels lined with high resistance interchangeable nylon sectors
  • Negative self-acting hydraulic brake 
  • Hydraulic dynamometer with set-point and automatic control of maximum pull
  • Hydraulic oil cooling system
  • Diesel engine - water cooled
  • Digital meter counter
  • Control instruments for hydraulic system and Diesel engine
  • Rigid axle for towing at max speed of 30km/hr 
  • Mechanical parking brake
  • Hydraulic power pack to control up to 2 reel stands with hydraulic motor or 2 reel winders
  • Gearbox with 3 operating positions; Neutral, Low tension (1 - 6kN) & Nominal tension
  • Mechanical front stabiliser
  • Grounding device on board
  • Machine weight 3000kg excluding fluids


  • Puller max pull 45kN
  • Puller speed at max pull 2.7km/hr
  • Puller max speed 5km/hr
  • Puller pull at max speed 25kN
  • Tensioner max tension 45kN
  • Tensioner max speed 5km/hr
  • Engine Output 63kW
  • Bull wheel Ø 1500mm
  • Max Conductor Ø 34mm
  • Max Rope Ø 16mm


  • Pull Recorder DLR300
  • Cable Remote Control Kit (Instrument not included) ALL051 
  • Electronic pull and speed recorder kit (Instrument not included) ALL053
  • Radio remote control kit (Instrument not included) ALL059
  • Rope/Conductor clamp for reel/drum change operations ALL071

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