Fibreglass Link Stick Roller Eye

Fibreglass Link Stick Roller Eye

Code: 9466
Brand: Hastings Fiberglass Products
Product Details
Link stick, roller - eye, 600mm insulated, 1060mm OAL, WLL 453kg, Hastings

Hastings Fibreglass Insulated Roller Link Sticks

  • The roller link sticks are used to spread and hold conductors apart for mid span clearances by attaching tag lines to to the butt swivel ring
  • Inside head dimensions are 55mm x 55mm allowing the link stick to roll easily over line splices
  • Head, ferrules and roller are aluminium alloy
  • Eye swivel material is bronze alloy
Part # OD Pole Length OAL Max Wie Size Ø WLL Weight
9466 32mm 610mm 1065mm 31.75mm 450kg 1.8kg
9467 32mm 1220mm 1675mm 31.75mm 450kg 2.1kg
9468 32mm 1830mm 2285mm 31.75mm 450kg 2.4kg

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