Siemens portable switch unit (PSU) kit, with modules, charger & case

Siemens portable switch unit (PSU) kit, with modules, charger & case

Code: 3AX1350-5A-1F
Brand: Siemens
Product Details
Portable switch kit, rechargeable modules, mounts, case, chargers, Siemens PSU

Kit Components

This item contains the following components:

Siemens Portable Switch for Temporary Isolation

Part No. 3AX1350-5A-1F

Siemens Portable Switch for Temporary Isolation

Whilst traditional in-line tension disconnects provide line crews with a way to temporarily isolate a line at non-designated switching locations, however, the lack of a ganged switching capability creates operational inefficiencies due to:

  • Restrictions in load breaking capability
  • Restrictions in load pickup
  • The risk of ferro-resonance due to single phase switching operations
  • The additional time to isolate upstream devices prior to operating the in-line disconnect
  • Therefore, it is common that a switching sheet may require an additional 20 or more items to remove load or to provide precautionary isolation prior to breaking bridges or opening the in-line disconnect. Siemens has addressed all these problems by adapting the switching unit of the proven Fusesaver circuit breaker into a pre-configured 3-phase synchronous portable switch kit. The switch units are suitable for in-line tension mounting for simple installation and visible isolation.

    Key User Benefits

  • Self powered from on board battery
  • No configuration required
  • Reduced day to day operating cost as switching crews can operate from an EWP or ground
  • Reduced potential for operator error during switching procedures with simple one button operation
  • Complete self contained carry case
  • Access live data from the line using the Siemens Connect PC application
  • Kit Details - Part No. 3AX1350-5A-1F

    Portable Switch Unit3
    Communications Module6
    Charger for Comm Module3
    Line Clamp Assembly3
    PC Antenna Kit1
    Rugged Case1
    Communications Module Attachment Tool1

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