Web Strap Ratchet Winch Hoist, Lightweight, 2.2m Double/4.7m Single Pull, Lug-All
Web Strap Ratchet Winch Hoist, Lightweight, 2.2m Double/4.7m Single Pull, Lug-All

Code: 35-A-1300-ANZ
Brand: Lug-All
Product Details
Hoist, ratchet, web, single 4.7m/680kg, double 2.2m/1360kg lightweight, Lug-All

Features & Benefits

  • Positive load holding in all environments - interlocking pawl mechanism, no load breaks to slip or fowl
  • Ease of operation - Self lubricating bearings throughout housing and on pulley assures smooth operation
  • Exclusive LUG-ALL Replaceable Stress Link

LUG-ALL web strap pullers feature a breakable stress link. The stress link, next to the overload link, snaps when the hoist is overloaded, warning the operator to back off the load before injury or damage.

  • Double flanged drum prevents webstrap from coming in contact with ratchet teeth
  • Open frame construction allowing ease of cleaning, greasing and visual inspection
  • Built for the field - light, compact, and strong tools
  • Available as both convertible or standard hoists
  • All models equipped with quick release pulley block
  • LUG-ALL grips, straps, and hooks are colour coded by capacity
  • Meet rigorous ANSI/ASME B30.21-2005 standard for 'manually lever operated hoists'

Convertible Models

  • All the parts to convert from double line to single line operation are on the hoist
  • Weighs less and has more headroom than standard medum frame model

Hot stick rings option also available, please contact TEN for part number information.

Part No. Frame Size Strap Length Handle Length Weight
35-A-1300-ANZ Medium 4.7m 0.76m 5.8kg

Single Pull Double Pulll
Capacity Single Pull Distance Capacity Double Pull Distance
Min Max Min Max
680kg 0.48m 4.7m 1360kg 0.68m 2.2m

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