Honeywell Cut Resistant Gloves

Honeywell Cut Resistant Gloves

Code: 2132548AU-11
Brand: Honeywell
Product Details
Glove, cut resistant, dyneema, black, nitrile, size 11, Honeywell

Honeywell Cut Resistant Gloves

  • Seamless knit construction eliminates uncomfortable seams that can rub, tear or chafe
  • Open back configuration provides superior ventilation
  • Ergonomically correct design conforms snugly to the natural shape of the hand, increasing comfort and reducing hand fatigue
  • Colour coded edge allows for easy sorting after laundering
  • Polyurethane palm provides cut, puncture and outstanding abrasion resistance
  • Made with a patented dipping process which provides superior fit, dexterity and durability


  • Suitable for construction, recycling, lumber and mill work, glass handling, sanitation, metal sheet handling, automotive sub assembly, landscaping and paper treatment


  • EN388 Scores:
    • Abrasion Resistance: 4
    • Cutting Resistance: 5
    • Tear Resistance: 4
    • Perforation Resistance: 3

Part No



2132545AU-08 8
2132545AU-09 9
2132545AU-10 10
2132545AU-11 11

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