Duramaxx Goggle, Honeywell
Duramaxx Goggle, Honeywell

Code: 1017738
Brand: Honeywell
Product Details
Eyeware, goggle, duramaxx, fabric strap, grey lens, antifog, Honeywell

  • Blue/grey frame with grey anti-fog lens
  • Modern low profile design 
  • Dura-streme coating technology, combining industrial anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings onto a single lens
  • The interior of the lens is kept clear from fogging, while the exterior is protected from scruffs and scratches
  • Indirect ventilation system that channels and directs air flow to further minimise fogging and improve vision
  • Can be fitted over most prescription spectacles and half-mask respirators easily
  • Engineered with a lightweight and flexible elastomer body
  • Adjustable neoprene strap that provides additional resistance to hot solids when welding
  • Easily replaceable lenses that can be removed without replacing the frame for added convenience
  • Shade 5 green welding lenses suitable for welding applications such as oxywelding, cutting and gas welding
  • Certified to AS/NZ 1337: 1992 Medium Impact

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