Fuse Cup Universal Head

Code: 10-094
Brand: Hastings Fiberglass Products
Product Details
Adaptor, fuse cup, universal, non-conductive, suit 100amp & 200amp fuse barrels, Hastings

Hastings Universal Head Fuse Cup

  • Fuse - Universal Head with grooved inner for hanging DNOB markers
  • Installation, removal and changing EDO’s
  • Fuse barrels (most 100A & 200A)
  • Special cup design
  • Non-conductive body and outer 
  • High visibility safety yellow
  • Reduces flashover hazards & chance of dropping fuse barrel
  • Made from fibreglass reinforced nylon & aluminium
  • 10-094 DNOB version has grooved inner surface for hanging 
  • ‘Do Not Operate’ markers (Part no: DNOB)

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