Condux CableGlider Capstan Winch Power Pack, 230V
Condux CableGlider Capstan Winch Power Pack, 230V

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Brand: Condux
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Winch, capstan, CableGlider, power pack, STD, 230v, incl conduit adaptors, Condux

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This item contains the following components:

CableGlider® STD - 230 Volt Cable Puller Capstan Winch Power Pack

As an added measure of versatility and convenience, the Condux CableGlider Power Packs can be purchased separately without the standard base frames provided with the CableGlider Cable Pullers. The power packs provide the same pulling capacities as the CableGlider Cable Pullers and can be used on the Floor Mount Frame or the Floor/Conduit/Pole Mount Frames.

The STD Cable Puller offers portability and ease of set-up in a robust housing suitable for the toughest Australian conditions.
This unit features a three-speed Bosch motor that provides up to 28.9kN of pulling force at low speed. Speed changes occur with just the turn of a dial.
Design features include a self-tailing capstan for added stability, and a foot switch for operator convenience and safety. It accepts all diameter rope (self-tailing capstan accepts 16mm to 22 mm rope only).
A number of additional pivoting arms and conduit adaptors are available as optional accessories.

WARNING: CableGlider Cable Pullers are not to be used as a hoist or for lifting, supporting or transporting people or loads.

Condux offers self-contained CableGlider cable puller models that can be configured to adapt to a variety of power, fiber optic and other cable pulling situations. The CableGlider® LW offers portability and ease of set-up. CableGlider Accessories, Running Line Tensiometers and Cable Pulling Lubricants are also available from Condux for power utility and construction industry applications.

Condux also offers equipment specifically designed for fiber optic cable pulling situations. Various Fiber Optic Cable Puller packages and accessories are available. Condux has years of experience designing cable pulling equipment. The full line of CableGliders, Pullers and Accessories brings an unmatched element of safety, productivity and quality to every cable pulling job.

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