Polymer Bucket Hooks, Hastings

Polymer Bucket Hooks, Hastings

Code: 05-947
Brand: Hastings Fiberglass Products
Product Details
Hook, bucket, large lip, pair, polymer, 80mm opening, non-conductive, Hastings

Hastings Fibreglass Products - Bucket Hooks


    Specifically designed Hooks for storing and hanging tools and equipment in your Bucket (EWP)

  • A number of designs to suit your bucket (EWP) and tools and equipment
  • Manufactured from Durable NON-Conductive PVC
  • Supplied in PAIRS
  • Measurements

    Part No.Description"A"mm"B"mm"C"mm"OAL"mm"E"mm
    BH-125-16PVC Bucket Hook - TEN125120-17016
    BH-100PVC Bucket Hook - TEN10075-17019
    BH-100-16PVC Bucket Hook - TEN10075-17016
    BH-75PVC Bucket Hook - TEN7555-17019
    BH-75-16PVC Bucket Hook - TEN7555-17016
    05-947Polymer Bucket Hook - Hastings80336215818
    5144LG2Lockable Polymer Bucket Hook - Klein6060-20016
    5144LG3Lockable Polymer Bucket Hook - Klein6875-21516
    SBH-2Polymer Bucket Hook w/safety latch - MADI75405018016
    SBH-3Polymer Bucket Hook w/safety latch- MADI75405021016
    LWBP-1005Polymer Bucket Hook - LWBP74346514818
    10-118Polymer Bucket Hook - Hastings6175-14118

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