Slotted Bolt D Shackle, Lancier
Slotted Bolt D Shackle, Lancier

Code: 01969
Brand: Lancier
Product Details
Shackle, Dee, slotted bolt, 20kN, 30mm W, 22mm bolt OD, DIN 82101, Lancier

  • D Shackles with slot head for Underground Cable Pulling
  • Specially designed for pulling through conduits and pip with no tag on thread shaft
  • Slotted Bolt
  • Manufactured to DIN 82101
Part # WLL Clear Width Bolt Diameter Notes
01965 4kN 14mm 10mm DIN 82101
01966 6kN 17mm 12mm DIN 82101
01967 10kN 21mm 16mm DIN 82101
01968 16kN 27mm 20mm DIN 82101
01969 20kN 30mm 22mm DIN 82101
27727 5kN 17mm 8mm Stainless Steel
27729 32kN 27mm 19mm Galvanisied
29780 10kN 19mm 12mm Galvanisied
37056 5kN 10mm 5mm Galvanisied

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