Polywater J Cable Pulling Lubricant

Maximise the Efficiency of Your Cable Installations with Polywater J Cable Pulling Lubricant

In an ideal situation, you would be able to maximise the load on every cable pulling job. Unfortunately, there are risks involved with overloading the cable. A cable stressed beyond its normal tension levels leads to a higher risk of failure, which can cause downtime, create safety hazards and cost a significant amount of money and resources for repair or replacement. But what if you could reduce the tension in your cable installs, improve your cable hauling efficiency and ultimately save money.

Polywater J brings this hypothetical concept into the real world. A high performance cable pulling lubricant, Polywater J is capable of reducing the tension and sidewall loading in all cable pulling situations. By applying this slow-drying cable lubricant to your cables on installation you’re able to pull further at lower tensions. American Polywater recommends Polywater J lubricant for the more demanding projects—including HV Cable pulls, extreme temperature environments or pulls involving multiple bends.

The Benefits of Reducing Hauling Tensions

Why should you be striving to reduce the hauling tensions for your next cable pull? Hauling cable at a lower tensions means you can pull a longer run of cable, or downsize your cable hauling machinery. We typically see a significant multiple of reduction in hauling tensions with the use of Polywater J lubricant. Being able to pull through a joint bay, or minimise the amount of setup in multiple positions on a cable pull saves considerable resources, time and money – all for the marginal cost of using a better quality lubricant.

In a market where data is becoming increasingly critical for electrical engineers in knowing the installation tensions of cables, stand out from the competition by demonstrating the lowest possible installation forces. Why not stand out further from the competition by providing a detailed pull plan for the project to the client prior to commencement. Utilise the Polywater Pull Planner software for your next cable pull. The Pull-Planner™ 3000 is software developed exclusively for American Polywater’s range of cable lubricant. It is a cable pulling package capable of designing conduit systems and planning cable pulls. The program calculates pull tensions, sidewall pressures in corners and recommends the correct lubricant quantities for the job. Advanced planning of cable pulls allows submission of proposed cable installations tensions to clients, selection of correct machinery for projects and drives profitability by maximising the length of each cable haul with less pulling stations. Developed over many years combining field data, laboratory testing and customer feedback, the Pull-Planner™ 3000 is a key tool in the planning and design of any underground cable installation. Coupled with Polywater J lubricant, this is a powerful combination

Polywater J: A Safe Cable Lubricant for Your Next Cable Pull

This high performance cable lubricant is an entirely harmless substance, making it safe to handle or use for any job. Non-flammable and 100% non-toxic to humans and the environment, Polywater J is a safe and dependable way of increasing your productivity.

Clean up is also easy. The product is water based so simply rinse off hands or equipment.

If you’ve got questions about the best equipment and consumables to ensure your next cable haul is efficient and cost effective, contact TEN,, start by emailing TEN Group at sales@tengroup.com.au.

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