Klauke Crimping Tools & Battery Crimper

TEN Group: Australia's Distributor for Battery Cutters, Crimpers and Other Klauke Tools

Klauke, a German company with a global presence, is one of the most trusted brands for electrical connection technology in the world. Founded in 1879 but acquired by Greenlee Textron (an American industrial tool brand) in 1996, Klauke has become a go-to brand for the crimping, cutting, punching and connecting of cables, conductors and connectors. To put it simply, Klauke tools are everywhere.

If you are shopping for Klauke's high-pressure hydraulic tools in Australia, we can help you find them, look no further than TEN. TEN Group is proud to stand as the Australian distributors for the Klauke product range. While we don't stock all of the more than 10,000 products that Klauke manufactures, we do carry their essential tools for cable connections and management.

Our Klauke Range at TEN Group

Klauke is a popular company around the world for a variety of industrial tools, including plumbing and automotive ranges. However, Klauke is also the world's leading brand for industrial power hydraulic tools. At TEN Group, our range of Klauke tools is mostly made up of these powerful hydraulic assets. These tools include Klauke battery crimpers, battery cutters, battery tools, line hydraulic cutters and crimpers (battery multi-tools), battery-operated hydraulic pumps, hydraulic punches and more.

All these products are designed to the meet the Klauke standard, which is to say that they are high quality tools backed by the reputation of a durable and long respected brand. Klauke tools emphasise ergonomics, ease of use, versatile functionality and safety of operation. For instance, Klauke crimpers accentuate ergonomics by allowing for one handed use and deriving their pressure from hydraulics or battery power rather than from manual force. Klauke's battery drive unit, meanwhile, emphasises versatility by offering modes for crimping, cutting and punching.

At TEN Group, we are happy to help you navigate our range of Klauke tools so that you can find exactly what you need for your next project. For instance, what is the difference between electromechanical crimping tool and a hydraulic crimper? When should you opt for a multi-function tool rather than a single-function Klauke tool? These are the types of questions you can ask our team at TEN Group. We are happy to answer any enquiry based on your unique scenario, so you get an answer you can honestly use.

To get your questions about Klauke tools answered, click here and fill out our contact enquiry form.

Get Your Klauke Tools Repaired by TEN Group

TEN Group isn't just an authorised Australian distributor of Klauke crimping tools and other products. On the contrary, we are also an authorised service centre for Klauke manufactured products. If you or your company already purchased a Klauke battery crimper or multi-tool, and it needs servicing or if you are interested in a preventative maintenance program, just let us know. We understand these tools well and can offer a competent and cost effective repair service. Call us on +61 7 3212 8999 to learn how you can get your Klauke tools serviced.

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