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Making electrical connections with cable lugs or inline splices are an everyday occurrence for linesmen and industrial electricians alike. Crimping a connector compresses its size to be a predetermined across flats dimension over the specified conductor type. This critical process determines the holding tension of the lug or splice and ensures the current flow along the circuit. An incorrectly crimped connection can become hot resulting in loss on the network or creating a fire hazard from burning through.

In small jobs, crimping can be as simple as using a pair of crimping pliers. For larger conductors and connectors though, the manual force applied is insufficient to make a reliable connection. In this scenario as the crimping force moves up over 1 Tonne, we look at electromechanical crimpers, or hydraulic crimpers. In such cases, line hydraulic crimpers or battery-powered crimpers will be able to perform the necessary crimping with crimping forces from 1 Tonne up to 100 Tonne.

TEN Group: Your Source for Battery Hydraulic Crimpers

At TEN Group, we stock a broad range of battery and line hydraulic crimpers and cutters. If you have conductors and connectors that require a higher crimping force, we have the range of tooling you need.

Do note that the manufacturers recommended connector sizing and crimping forces for the conductors, conductor and connector is not the only factor that might push you towards the hydraulic crimper end of the spectrum. The volume of crimps to be completed, the speed of work and worker comfort are all considerations. Battery hydraulic crimping tools are easier to use and more ergonomic than hand hydraulic crimping tools. While hand hydraulics might be okay if you only need to crimp a small number of connectors in a day, a larger number of crimps can lead to significant muscle fatigue, potential RSI injuries and the potential for incorrectly crimped connections resulting in weaker joints.

Using a battery crimper is especially recommended if you or your team needs to do several hundred crimps in a single day. With quick charging times, ergonomic handling and market leading performance, the hydraulic crimping tools we stock at TEN Group are key to a more productive and satisfied workforce.

The Klauke hydraulic battery crimpers we sell at TEN Group notify the user if the crimping pressure is not reached, alerting them to a potential connector issue right there and then. This intelligent pressing system is a key feature of these battery hydraulic crimpers, ensuring stable and secure connections.

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Are you interested in browsing the TEN Group's range of battery hydraulic crimpers? You can click here to view the products that we currently have available on our website. If you need help finding the right crimper or cutter for your workplace, feel free to give us a call on +61 7 3212 8999.

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