CPI Wedge Connector Clamps

CPI Wedge Connector Clamps

Connector Products Inc. (CPI) designs, develops and manufactures innovative, high-quality products for power utilities and mass transit. Specializing in connectors, CPI is a dynamic, flexible company that offers outstanding customer service. “Better Products by Design” is CPI’s mission and a philosophy they live by as a trusted supplier to TEN. CPI products, which were developed in cooperation with engineers and operations professionals in the field, are simple, safe, and sustainable. They require no special tooling to install or remove, can be reused (with the installation of a new shear bolt), and accommodate a range of conductor sizes. These high-performance, low-resistance connectors prevent the loss of energy during current transfer. In addition to the industry-proven wedge style tap connector, CPI also offers a full line of ground grid connectors, fiber optic OPGW connectors, hotline tap connectors, and rail mass transit connectors.

Wedge Clamps

The range of wedge clamps are designed for use on overhead transmission and distribution lines as well as transmission and distribution substation and earthing applications for all voltage classes up to 230kV.

The products use proven technology developed and refined over the past 30 years.

The products are constructed using high strength Aluminium Alloy components and have been extensively type tested using independent laboratories to ensure long life and reliability under the harshest environmental conditions.


The Spring Like qualities of the high strength “C” body ensure a permanent robust connection with consistent pressure on the conductors in harsh environmental conditions.

The exclusive high conductivity aluminium – alloy interface offers a low resistance conductive path for as highly efficient connection.

The drive wedge creates a connecting force while maintaining the conductors in a locked position. A Hot Stick eye is provided as standard on all applicable wedge types making them suitable for all live line applications. The clamps utilise the industry proven wedge connection principal that is quick and easy to apply with standard tooling such as sockets and impact wrenches.

The clamps are factory provided with a high conductivity grit inhibitor compound for ease of installation. The connectors can be easily removed and are reusable with replacement sheer bolt components.


Design & Construction

The unique design of the CPI wedge clamp offers the user a number of advantages and value over the life of the product.

“C” Body

The “C” body is available in three sizes to cater for all conductor types and is engineered with “spring like” qualities in a high strength robust “C” frame. This ensures that the conductors have high performance constant appropriate pressure under all rated load and fault conditions in harsh environmental conditions such as wide varying temperatures in high salt laden areas.


The interface is designed to cater for a wide range of conductors without the requirement to change the body of the clamp in most instances. This reduces the range of different clamps required for network installations and associated inventory stock holdings. The interface is designed to ensure high performance low resistance connections making it ideal for critical load connections and smart grid applications where automated network switching places potential temporary overloads on paralleled circuits.

Wedge with Shear Bolt Application

The wedge is designed with a shear bolt application making installation extremely simple and consistent. During installation and when the correct spring tension is achieved the shear bolt breaks off. This method provides a positive indication for correct connections without the need for special tooling, providing a safe and easy installation that reduces both tooling inventory, maintenance and repair expenses.

The shear bolt is designed to be replaced meaning that the clamps can be reused without the requirement to replace the entire clamp providing economic benefits through the life of the clamps.

The Range:

Wedge Clamp (Tap Connector)

  • Designed for connecting aluminum to aluminum or aluminum to copper conductors for transmission and distribution systems

Substation or Busbar Connector

  • A unique connector that offers a removable connection to a variety of two or four hole NEMA standard devices. Some examples of applications are in mounting sectionalising switches or in connecting compression lugs for risers

Stirrup Connector

  • Designed for use in connecting aluminium or copper conductors for Transmission and Distribution systems
  • Large loop Tin Plated Bail allows for multiple position connections as well as eliminating galvanic reaction

Earth Grid Connector

  • Designed for connecting copper wire and rod for a variety of grounding applications in substation and transmission
  • Safe, fast dependable method of making permanent wire-to-wire or wire-to-ground connections
  • No temperature or weather restrictions, can be installed no matter what environment exists at jobsite
  • Aluminum-Bronze construction allows the Ground Grid Connector to be directly buried

HTC Connector

  • Full current rated Tap Line Connector
  • Designed as a permanent or temporary device tap connector
  • Installable directly to the main line. No need for using a bail
  • Able to accept a wide range of conductors with only three part numbers

Live Line Installation

The wedge clamps have been designed to fit all standard live line “shotgun” sticks making them safe and easy to install using live line crews.

Non Live Line Installation

The wedge clamps have been designed with minimal tooling for installations as possible. The shear bolt design means that standard existing tooling can be utilised for installation. No specialised tooling is required such as cartridge firing tooling, torque wrenches or similar tools. The wedges are extremely simple and safe to apply correctly and requires little to no training for installation.

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