Cable Tray Rollers, Sock & Scissor Drum Jacks

Make Cable Management Easier, with Cable Tray Rollers, Cable Socks and More

If you’re working on a job that requires you to manage a lot of cable runs, then the chances are you’re probably utilising cable trays to make your job easier. Not only does it simplify the process of installing cables, but it also keeps significant amounts of cable runs neat and tidy and provides simultaneous protection. Most large cable installations, such as data cabling will utilise cable trays, so to install these correctly and safely without damaging the cables in the process, you’re going to need a variety of accessories to help you.

This is where TEN Group comes in, to provide items such as cable tray rollers, cable socks, cable drum jacks, scissor drum jacks and more, all of which can be useful in making that tricky cable installation go smoothly.

A Full Range of Cable Tray Rollers

Let’s assume you’re installing network cables for your next big project. This project could be rewiring a data centre where large amounts of cables are involved. These cables are going to be installed into cable trays to keep everything neat and tidy so that the racks of servers are uncluttered and easy to manage. Now, if it were just a small installation, you could probably run those cables by hand, but with hundreds of runs to consider, the weight of the cables is going to be considerable, and with added weight, you're going to need a lot of hauling power to pull those cables through.

Even if you had the strength of ten men, the force required would probably damage the cables themselves, so this is where cable tray rollers come into play. Cable tray rollers can be fitted to the cable tray to assist you in running the cables quickly and safely. They lessen the friction and allow you to pull the cables through smoothly.

At TEN Group, we have a full range of cable tray rollers, including those with aluminium and nylon sheaves, to assist you with running your data and power cables. We can supply you with rollers that accommodate various diameters of cables, plus dual-rollers that keep cables perfectly aligned. You also use our rollers on cable ladders, to cope with vertical cable runs.

Other Accessories that Can Assist your Cable Runs

As well as cable tray rollers, TEN Group also stocks a selection of cable socks and drum jacks. You generally use cable socks when working with overhead cables. They protect cables and prevent them from moving around independently. We stock cable socks for every application, including plastic coated steel socks and nylon socks depending on the type of cable you’re using.

Finally, if you have the need for cable drum jacks and scissor drum jacks, we can accommodate you with a range of jacks that are fully load tested from 500kg up to four tonnes. So, with all these options at your disposal, you’ll find it easy to obtain all the correct cable handling tools and accessories you need for your upcoming job. All the products you find at TEN Group offer fantastic lifetime value since we only sell high-quality gear and equipment that is fit for purpose.

Check out our online catalogue today, and send us a message using our contact page if you have any questions. We look forward to helping you.

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