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TEN Impact Auger Promotion

14 Mar, 2019

Designed to drill the toughest Australian hardwoods

Impact Augers are suitable for use in impact wrenches and electric drills with keyed and quick change chucks.
We are making way for our new range of Impact Augers and need to clear our existing stock.
Call our sales team on 07 3212 8999 to place your order at discounted prices only while stocks last.

Updated 5 June 2019. Please call for updates on quantity and pricing

Part # Size Available Quantity Special Pricing
AITEN-200-08 8mm 74 CALL
AITEN-200-12 12mm 23 CALL
AITEN-200-14-Al 14mm 167 CALL
AITEN-200-16-B 16mm 48 CALL
AITEN-200-18 18mm 99 CALL
AITEN-305-22 22mm 71 CALL
AITEN-305-26 26mm 70 CALL
AITEN-455-14-B 14mm 23 CALL
AITEN-455-16-B 16mm 5 CALL
AITEN-455-18 18mm 75 CALL
AITEN-455-20 20mm 81 CALL
AITEN-455-24 24mm 45 CALL
AITEN-455-25 25mm 8 CALL
AITEN-455-40 40mm 4 CALL
AITEN-610-16 16mm 3 CALL
AITEN-610-18 18mm 49 CALL
AITEN-610-22 22mm 15 CALL
AITEN-610-24 24mm 63 CALL
AITEN-610-26 26mm 35 CALL
AITEN-610-28-B 28mm 20 CALL
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