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TEN Custom HV Switch Assemblies

15 Apr, 2019

TEN assembles a complete range of high voltage switches in house in our Brisbane facilities. Considerations to the configuration include the operating voltage of the network and the required continuous current in Amps that determines the cable types that can be used. Clamp types include screwdriver style clamps, duckbill clamps and gloving clamps.

All TEN switches are serialised and marked with amp ratings, date of manufacture and a part number for traceability. We use a mastic heat shrink either in clear or black that hardens once shrunk providing additional mechanical relief at the termination, as well as preventing the ingress of moisture.

See our simple assembly chart here for specifying your switch assemblies, or call TEN to speak with one of our friendly sales team. For a small selection of standard asemblies, click here

Download our Custom HV Switch Assembly Form
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