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ClampStar Repair Units

26 Jul, 2017

Classic Connectors ClampStar® Repair Units are a cost effective and time efficient solution to repairing damaged conductors including OPGW. ClampStar, an engineered electrical and mechanical shunt is the industry’s only permanent, life extension solution for virtually all overhead conductors of any voltage class. ClampStar easily installs with NO power interruption and no mechanical grips, come-alongs, jumpers or cutters are needed. ClampStar exceeds ANSI C119.4 Class AA, extra heavy duty and restores both electrical and mechanical integrity on damaged conductors.

ClampStar Repair Units provide the no-movement tensile properties required with optical fibre work. Signal attenuation on glass fibre is significant if subjected to elongation and tension. Installation takes less than 10 minutes and units can be installed without power disruption barehand or by hot stick. The units are simply placed over the damaged section of conductor/OPGW and the shear off bolts done up with a battery impact drill. The shear off bolts provide consistent and required torque to ensure optimum mechanical and electrical strength. The units are pre-shipped with a proprietary high performing inhibitor ensuring the best possible connection at the interface.

A recent trial of the OPGW repair solution was successfully conducted by an Australian Transmission Authority using helicopters for a fast and efficient installation. The product is now approved for use for any further lightning damage to their OPGW network, delivering significant cost savings over existing methods with each use of the ClampStar repair unit. Additional ClampStar models are also available for correcting failing splices, deadends and damaged conductor at suspension points on Transmission and Distribution conductors.

To find out more information, please contact Classic Connectors exclusive Australian, New Zealand and Pacific Islands distributor: Corey Scott of TEN Group – 0419 729 026.

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