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TEN Distributing Simplex

28 Sep, 2015

Simplex Overview 
In 1899, Walter B. Templeton revolutionised the laying of railroad track by developing the original track jack. The company he founded went on to develop tools for manufacturing and construction applications.

Today, that company continues as Simplex, one of the world's major suppliers of jacks, cylinders, and power pumps. TEN Group are proud to distribute the extensive range from Simplex.

Get the Simplex advantage with self-contained hydraulic hand, toe, air bag, and bottle jacks and mechanical screw, reel, and ratchet jacks. Lifting capacities go from one ton to 250 tons.

Simplex's Pow'r Riser hydraulic jack is the industry standard. Its redesigned line of portable jacks offers improved maneuverability, safety, and lifting power for use in railroad car shops, mining operations, and off-road equipment maintenance.

Simplex remains the world's leading manufacturer of track jacks for railroad maintenance.  

Get the Simplex advantage with cylinders built for tough industrial and construction uses. The extensive Simplex line includes spring return, load return, double-acting, low profile, and hollow hole styles. Lifting capacities go from one ton to 250 tons. Each model exceeds ANSI/ASME B-30 safety standards.

Power Pumps
Get the Simplex advantage with intermittent and continuous duty gas powered pumps, air powered pumps, and one half to five horsepower electric pumps. Our newest pump is the hydraulic intensifier which can convert a 2000 psi pump into a high-pressure 10,000 psi power source.

Simplex's wide range of accessories includes couplers, fittings, manifolds, torque wrenches, hydraulic tools, hydraulic oil, high pressure hoses, electric and manual valves, and analog and digital gauges.

At the heart of every Simplex pump is Clydesdale technology with its unique oiler system that keeps components lubricated and running cool. You're assured of long life, fewer potential leak points, and solid construction for severe duty. 

Simplex furnishes equipment to the railroading, mining, production testing, assembly, transportation, energy, and construction industries. Whether you're setting up a system or improving one, make Simplex your first choice.

For more information about Simplex or other product lines we supply, please call us 07 3212 8999.

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