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Training on Stringing Equipment

17 Jun, 2015

Many organisations face the ongoing challenge of training and upskilling staff in essential work-related skills, safe work practices, knowledge and plant.

With today’s current safety standards in Australia rapidly setting worldwide bench marks, minimum standards of certification achieved through training are required to be in place before the safe operation of plant and equipment.

In order to meet these standards, an effective way to develop and train staff is to enable learning and personal development. Not only does this create a workforce which extends the range of development outside traditional work skills and knowledge, it creates exciting and motivational opportunities - for employees and employers. The benefits of upskilling and training staff greatly enhances both employees, and the organisations they work for.

TEN Group courses offer innovative, cost-effective, and efficient training programs for stringing equipment that build the knowledge and skills of tradespeople and professionals so that they can improve efficiency throughout their organisations.

Designed to meet the needs of a busy crew, our specially designed Stringing Equipment courses are compiled by TEN’s training team in conjunction with our key suppliers and cover an extensive range of hydraulic stringing equipment.

The operator training program includes:
1. Theoretical training
2. Hands on machine operation training
3. Risk assessment training
4. Operator training assessment
5. Certificate of competency upon successful completion of training course

TEN Group has certified Certificate IV trainers able to competency train and certify operators in the safe and proficient operation of stringing equipment. Our internal trainers have visited TESMEC Italy headquarters for their training skills and knowledge in line with all TESMEC cable hauling and stringing equipment supplied to TEN Group’s Australian market.

TEN Group is committed to the safety and knowledge of owners and user/operators of stringing equipment. Detailed risk assessment documentation, understanding and development form a key role in our training program.

We believe we have the responsibility to offer high impact operator training programs that are relevant to today’s environment, requirements and standards.

For further information regarding courses on offer from TEN, or to discuss your specific training requirements please contact us on 07 3212 8999.

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