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Don't Sacrifice Your Safety for a Cheap Price: Buy Brand Name Arc Flash PPE Kits in Australia

If you are dealing with a high-voltage electrical system, you always need to be aware of the risks of an arc flash. An arc flash can produce explosions, fire, high heat and intense radiation—all of which can pose a major risk to people and property alike. Arc flash PPE (personal protective equipment) can help keep you safe from the dangers of an arc flash. However, some companies look for the lowest prices, trying to save money in equipping their teams for on-the-job risks.

Understanding the Importance of Quality Arc Flash PPE in Australia

There are areas where looking for bargains and saving money are admirable pursuits. Every company—regardless of the industry—needs to find these opportunities and take advantage them to increase its profit margins. However, there are also areas where the price should not be a part of the consideration. Arc flash PPE is one such area.

When you purchase an arc flash PPE kit (or a supply of arc flash PPE kits for your entire work team), you are buying products that could feasibly save the life of a team member. When an arc flash occurs, it can produce temperatures in excess of 19,000 degrees Celsius. It can also vaporise metals resulting in an explosive outward force. Without the proper equipment, these incidents can be lethal. Having the proper arc flash PPE in Australia can help prevent death or serious burn injuries in such cases.

Why Buying Globally Recognised Brands Is a Smart Choice

The danger of arc flash incidents is such that it doesn't make sense to buy the cheapest arc flash PPE kit. Some of these products may work just fine, but they don't offer the same proven and repeatedly tested performance as personal protection equipment from a top brand like Salisbury. Consideration should be given to the weight of fabrics, wearability, fit and support. The bottom line is that it isn't worth risking your safety, or worker comfort on a low price if doing so means buying a product that isn't the best. The smarter choice is to buy globally recognised brands—even if you have to spend extra to do so. In the case of an arc flash incident, you may be glad you spent the extra few dollars for a proven product.

At the TEN Group, we carry a full range of arc flash PPE in Australia. Our products come from the reputed Salisbury brand and include everything from full arc flash kits (with hoods, overalls, coats, gloves, glasses and more) to individual arc flash clothing items. Whether you are buying arc flash PPE for an entire team or replacing a few items to make sure your arc flash kit is as durable and dependable as possible, we can help you find what you need.

If you require assistance finding a particular arc flash PPE kit or product, or if you have questions about the differences between products in our range, feel free to contact us directly. Click here and fill out our enquiry form to get in touch.

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