Tesmec Australia - bringing a world leader to our clients

As well as manufacturing our own vital tools and equipment, TEN Group looks to form global partnerships with leading equipment manufacturers and suppliers. This enables us to bring the best in the market to our clients, including access to ongoing maintenance, testing and repair. We not only supply the best, we ensure it continues to be compliant with safety standards, while working efficiently, for many years to come.

This is why we are proud to be the official Tesmec Australia partner.

Tesmec Australia and Worldwide Reputation

Tesmec is a name well known in the global energy, data and material (oil and derivatives, gas, water) industries, having supplied advanced equipment for multiple overhead and underground networks, railway lines, energy cables and pipelines.

This Italian company has gained a specialist reputation within the distribution and transmission power lines sector. Among its unrivalled portfolio is stringing equipment for when conductors and underground cables need to be installed.

Tesmec also pioneers its own range of electronic sensors and devices for relevant industries, used in energy automation, management and monitoring. 

If your project requires power-driven tracked trenchers – used primarily for bulk excavation, both linear and surface mining - you could well have used Tesmec heavy duty machinery. The company is also a specialist in supplying large-scale drainage equipment.

Tesmec Hydraulic Pullers

TEN Group’s status as the partner for Tesmec Australia means we can source the company’s latest and most relevant equipment. This includes Tesmec 15kN hydraulic pullers for moving ropes and conductors during tension stringing operations.

Tesmec are true world leaders in this sector, not least due to their unrivalled accuracy and ability to operate within the highest possible safety conditions.

Tesmec’s machines have been designed and engineered for reliability, versatility and manoeuvrability, usually for one rope or conductors. Additional features to improve performance and durability under constant use include bull-wheel grooves, constructed from treated steel.

They also incorporate advantageous features such as a negative self-acting hydraulic brake and a hydraulic cooling system. They also offer an integrated hydraulic dynamometer and advanced user controls. These are advanced, electronically controlled machines, with a high powered engine, to maximise usage and efficiency.

Tesmec hydraulic puller in Australia

There are a number of models available through TEN Group as the Tesmec supplier Australia. Or contact us to commission a hydraulic puller, engineered and precision manufactured to meet your company’s specific needs.

This provides your organisation with the ultimate in tension stringing equipment designed for purpose, with 100% reliability, safety and control.