Official Tesmec Australia Partner

Tesmec Australia - bringing a world leader to our clients

As well as manufacturing our own vital tools and equipment, TEN Group looks to form global partnerships with leading manufacturers and suppliers. This enables us to bring the best in the market to our clients, including access to ongoing maintenance, testing and repair. We not only supply the best, we ensure it continues to be compliant with safety standards, while working efficiently, for many years to come.

This is why we are proud to be the official Tesmec Australia partner.

Tesmec Australia and Worldwide Reputation

Tesmec is a name well known in the global energy, data and material (oil and derivatives, gas, water) industries, having supplied equipment for multiple overhead and underground networks, railway lines, energy cables and pipelines.


Tesmec Hydraulic Pullers and Tensioners

TEN Group’s status as the partner for Tesmec Australia means we can provide and support the latest and most relevant equipment. This includes the Tesmec PT1250 Generation 4.0 using the latest digital HMI for pulling ropes and conductors during stringing operations.

Tesmec are true world leaders in this sector, not least due to their unrivalled accuracy and ability to operate within the highest possible safety conditions.

Tesmec’s machines have been designed and engineered to provide accurate, efficient and reliable technology. Additional features to improve performance and durability under constant use include remote control, electronic management systems and advanced materials.

Also incorporating advantageous features such as a negative self-acting hydraulic brak, a hydraulic cooling system, integrated hydraulic dynamometer and advanced user controls, Tesmec machines are technically advanced, reliable and efficient.

Tesmec Options

There are a number of models available and as the Tesmec supplier in Australia, TEN can also provide support, repairs and machine operators training. Contact us to discuss how TEN can provide a Tesmec hydraulic puller or tensioner to suit your company’s specific needs.