Since 1899, SIMPLEX has manufactured innovative positioning and lifting products, specialising in mechanical jacks & hydraulic high pressure, high force equipment up to 1500 tons.

Simplex utilize the latest manufacturing CNC technology, maintain tight quality control processes coupled with today’s CMM technology, experienced assemblers with controlled testing procedures to ensure delivery of safe and dependable products.

Simplex continues to evolve into a global provider of products, services, and engineered solutions to industries as diverse as transportation, manufacturing, construction, power generation, and mining.

In every market and application, Simplex products and technologies enable the global customer to turn challenges into progress.

TEN Group partners with companies that support innovation, quality and safety in their product range, Simplex is no exception in their goal to provide the Australian power market with engineered products designed to meet the stringent standards demanded by our customers.

Amongst the many products TEN delivers on behalf of Simplex are:

  • Hydraulic Power and Hand Pumps.
  • Mechanical Jacks
  • Hydraulic Lifting Cylinders

See the range of Simplex products here