Reliaguard manufactures guards for common powerline equipment to prevent animal and bird caused outages. Reliaguard parts are designed to have a superior fit for the underlying equipment to prevent gaps in coverage which can lead to an animal or bird caused power outage. Reliaguard parts are made from a proprietary material known as Reliatanium. Reliatanium meets the test guide requirements of IEEE 1656 -2010.

Reliaguard recommends that all of its guards be installed with GreyEEL conductor cover to extend the area of coverage. For more information on GreyEEL and to find out more about the EEL Slider application tools visit

  • Reliaguard® is dedicated to the manufacture of injection moulded and thermoformed guards as well as conductor cover–all, intended for use in the prevention of animal and bird-caused power outages.
  • Reliaguard’s GreyEEL and EEL Slider form an important part of any animal mitigation solution. 

  • Reliatanium™ was formulated to meet the specific testing guidelines outlined in the IEEE 1656 – 2010 Guide. The product material addresses such concerns as UV stability and Flame Retardancy and has been tested to a 38kV rating.

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