NGK - Nagaki Tools

At TEN Group, we only stock quality equipment for our clients across the energy industry. That's why we've been made the official Australian stockist of NGK Nagaki Tools, a Japanese manufacturing company renowned across the world for the performance and quality of its tools.

Established in the Japanese city of Osaka in 1946, NGK has been manufacturing and supplying pipe cutters, wire rope grips, ratchet pullers, ratchet wrenches and tension meters/dynamometers to a wide range of power and electrical companies ever since.

Having established offices across Japan, Nagaki has recently started to emphasise overseas expansion, including its partnership with TEN Group in Australia. Here's a little more information about the NGK tools we offer:

NGK Chain Ratchet Hoists

NGK chain hoists are suitable for pulling, tensioning and securing applications. The NGK chain ratchet hoists we stock have working load limits of between three and six tonnes, making them suitable for a range of applications. NGK ricky pullers are designed for smaller loads, between 0.75 and 1.5 tonnes and include a safety hook attachment, a 5mm diameter alloy chain link and a 360° rotating handle of 230mm length.

NGK grips

Our range of Nagaki grips is one of the most comprehensive out there. Whatever size or part number you require, you can be sure that we'll have the option to suit your needs, with all grips manufactured from high tensile alloy steel. All models include a safety latch, while some also have a locking nut option.

NGK dynamometers/tension meters

Compact and lightweight but also durable, NGK dynamometers, available in a number of capacities, make it easy to read tension measurements in wires, belts and cables. Promising accuracy within 3% of the reading given out , users can rest safe in the knowledge that they can adjust their equipment and loads accordingly.

NGK Web Strap Hoists

The NGK web strap hoists prioritise safety. They feature a special handle neck which is designed to bend if the unit is overloaded, meaning damage to the puller and – more importantly - injury to the operator is prevented.

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Our NGK range doesn't end there: we also have a number of accessories, including web strap hoist bags and other handy tools, like the ergonomic NGK ratchet wrench. If you'd like to know more about the range of NGK Nagaki Tools that we stock, please get in touch with us today by calling 61 7 3212 8999