Dillon was founded in 1937 by William C. Dillon in the USA as a supplier of cable tensioning products to the armed forces. The company grew rapidly, expanded its offering and today has a comprehensive range of force measurement devices.

Today, Dillon provide a wide range of load monitoring and force measurement products, from load cells, software, forge gauges, crane scales, dynamometers and tension meters. The company focuses on providing quality measurement devices for tension, compression and push/pull forces for industrial environments. These products are sold into a wide variety of markets worldwide including; lifting applications, telecommunications, aviation, military, public utilities, offshore oil/gas, shipping and lift maintenance

The manufacturing facility is based in Fairmont, MN where design, build, testing and calibration of Dillon equipment is carried out to meet the rigorous safety, quality and reliability standards demanded by the industries we serve.

TEN Group is proud to offer the following range from Dillon:

  • Dynamometers - Dynamometers/load cell/load links are instruments that display the tension force exerted between two attached shackles. They are generally used to determine tension in a line or suspended weight.

    Dynamometers/load cell/load links are simple to operate with one main operating function, ZERO. Dillon dynamometers/load cell/load links retain their peak measurement. The peak reading is easily reset by the user.

    Dillon is one of the most recognized name in dynamometers. The instruments are portable, factory pre-calibrated, and ready to work out of the box. Only Dillon offers both mechanical and electronic versions and has the widest assortment of styles and capacities in each. Each instrument includes a calibration certificate.

  • Tension Meters - Dillon Tension Meters have a clamp design that allow you to quickly and simply measure the tension within a line or cable. Typical applications include tower guy wire and pre-tensioned cable barriers, elevators, lifts, gondolas, winch rope, fall arrest systems, pre-stressed concrete, aircraft cables and utilities. The tension meters can be used to measure the tension on a variety of materials such as hemp ropes, kernmantle ropes, solid core single wire, multi-strand wire, stainless, carbon steel, galvanised, PVC coated, nylon and thermoplastic elastomers and Teflon coated.

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