Ratchet Podger Wrench, 36mm, 450mm Long, 12pt, Chrome

Ratchet Podger Wrench, 36mm, 450mm Long, 12pt, Chrome

Code: RRP36
Brand: TEN
Product Details
Podger, ratchet, wrench, chrome, 36mm, 450mmL, 12pt, individual box

The R-series Podgers from TEN are precisely machined, heat treated and zinc plated.  Each podger ratchet consists of two drive socket heads of different sizes within a heavy duty 32 tooth ratchet mechanism.  Dual head ratchets allow speed and efficiency on the job. 

  • Reversible with continuous taper
  • 2 sizes of double hexagonal sockets per tool
  • 6pt Hex or 12pt Hex - refer table below
  • Straight Handle
  • All sizes available with or without plastic handle
  • Forward and reverse ratchet mechanism
Part # (no handle) Part # (handle) Size Hex
RS1317 RS1317-6SH Short Handle 13 & 17mm 6pt
RS1317 RS1317-6LH Long Handle 13 & 17mm 6pt
RRP1317 RRP1317-H 13 & 17mm 12pt
RRP1719 RRP1719-H 17 & 19mm 12pt
RRP1824 RRP1824-H 18 & 24mm 12pt
RRP1921 RRP1921-H 19 & 21mm 12pt
RRP1924 RRP1924-H 19 & 24mm 12pt
RRP2124 RRP2124-H 21 & 24mm 12pt
RRP2427 RRP2427-H 24 & 27mm 12pt
RRP2430 RRP2430-H 24 & 30mm 12pt
RRP3032 RRP3032-H 30 & 32mm 12pt
RRP3036 RRP3036-H 30 & 36mm 12pt
RRP3236 RRP3236-H 32 & 36mm 12pt
Single Side
RRP36 RRP36H 36mm 12pt
Folding Handle
RHP1824 Folding Handle 18 & 24mm 12pt

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