12T Crimping Die, Copper, Hex, 9.2mmAF, 35mm2, 17.5mm Wide
12T Crimping Die, Copper, Hex, 9.2mmAF, 35mm2, 17.5mm Wide

Code: K12-09.2-CU
Brand: TEN
Product Details
Die, 12T, hex, Cu, 9.2mm AF, 35mm2, 17.5mm W, TEN

  • 12 Tonne Crimping Dies
  • Commonly referred to as 'C' or 'U' type dies
  • Dies colour coded for easy identification
  • Come in plastic clip seal protective storage case with label featuring Die Part Number, Across flat dimensions & Suitable conductors
Part #TypeConductorA/FWidth
K12-04.4-CU Cu6mm24.4mm6.5mm
K12-05.7-CU Cu10mm25.7mm6.5mm
K12-06.3-CU Cu16mm26.3mm17.5mm
K12-07.7-CU Cu25mm27.7mm17.5mm
K12-08.2-CU Cu7/1.70mm28.2mm9mm
K12-09.2-CU Cu35mm29.2mm17.5mm
K12-10.4-CU Cu50mm210.4mm17.5mm
K12-11.5-CU Cu70mm211.5mm17.5mm
K12-13.0-CU CuOH 37/.064-19/2.1113mm17.5mm
K12-13.2-CU CuOH 19/1.7013.2mm17.5mm
K12-14.2-CU Cu95mm214.2mm17.5mm
K12-16.5-CU Cu120mm216.5mm14mm
K12-18.3-CU Cu150mm218.3mm14mm
K12-19.3-CU CuOH 19/2.5719.3mm14mm
K12-20.0-CU Cu185mm220mm14mm
K12-22.0-CU Cu19/3mm222mm10mm
K12-23.1-CU Cu240mm223.1mm10mm
K12-26.0-CU Cu300mm226mm10mm
K12-09.0-AL Al6 - 35mm29mm22mm
K12-13.2-AL Al50-70mm213.2mm22mm
K12-14.0-AL AlOH 7/2.2514mm22mm
K12-14.5-AL AlOH 7/2.5014.5mm22mm
K12-14.8-AL AlOH 19/2.00-19/2.1114.8mm9mm
K12-16.6-AL AlSpecial16.6mm22mm
K12-17.3-AL Al95 - 120mm217.3mm22mm
K12-18.0-AL AlOH 7/3.00 - 7/3.7518mm22mm
K12-19.0-AL AlOH 7/4.5019mm22mm
K12-21.0-AL Al150-185mm2 Utilux21mm18mm
K12-22.0-AL Al150 - 185mm222mm18mm
K12-23.1-AL Al125-150mm2 flex cable23.1mm18mm
K12-24.9-AL AlSpecial24.9mm18mm
K12-25.4-AL AlOH 19/3.75*25.4mm18mm
K12-26.2-AL AlOH 19/3.75*26.2mm18mm
K12-28.4-AL Al240- 300mm228.4mm18mm
K12-30.3-AL AlOH 19/4.7530.3mm18mm
K12-07.5-CS Cu Screen35mm2 Triplex7.5mm16mm
K12-12.7-CS Cu Screen185mm2 Triplex12.7mm14mm
K12-14.0-CS Cu ScreenSpecial14mm18mm
K12-07.5-ST SteelInner Steel ACSR7.5mm10mm
K12-09.5-ST SteelInner Steel ACSR9.5mm10mm
K12-14.0-ABC ABC25mm214mm9mm
K12-17.3-ABC ABC70mm217.3mm9mm
K12-21.5-ABC ABC95 - 120mm221.5mm9mm

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