12' Telescopic Stick
12' Telescopic Stick

Code: HV-212-K
Brand: Hastings Fiberglass Products
Product Details
Stick, telescopic, triangular, 12', 3.8m/1.48m, operating, bag, Hastings

Kit Components

This item contains the following components:

  • Open and close switches, EDO’s and service fuses 
  • Replaceable sections, no disassembly tools required
  • Fluoro lime green tip section is foam filled
  • Tested to ASTM F711 & OSHA
  • Kit with Universal Disconnect Hook # P10431 and Storage Bag
  • Order base cap separately if replacing base section
Part # Extended Length Retracted Length Base Diameter Bag Replacement Weight
HV-208-K 2.4m 0.7m 44.5mm TENM308 1.4kg
HV-212-K 3.8m 1.5m 36.8mm TENM309 1.7kg
HV-216-K 5.0m 1.5m 40.9mm TENM301 2.3kg
HV-220-K 6.4m 1.6m 44.5mm TENM301 2.9kg
HV-220-K 3.6m 0.9m 44.0mm TENM309 2.7kg

No tools are required for replacing, sections sold complete with lock assembly Replacement Parts

Part # Section 1 Section 2 Section 3 Section 4 Section 5
HV-208 A20264 A20258 A20259 A20260 A20296
Base Cap Only for HV-208 P14042 - - - -
HV-212 - - A20254 A20255 A20256
HV-216 - A20253 A20254 A20255 A20256
HV-220 A20252 A202053 A20254 A20255 A20256
Base Cap Only P18028 P18027 P18020 - -

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