Ground Resistance Tester 1000 Ohms, Jaw Opening 31.75mmOD, Test Ring, Storage Case, Bierer
Ground Resistance Tester 1000 Ohms, Jaw Opening 31.75mmOD, Test Ring, Storage Case, Bierer

Code: GRT1000A
Brand: Bierer
Product Details
Tester, ground resistance, w/ current test, 0.01-1000 Ohm, jaw opening 31.75mmOD, Bierer

The GRT1000A is a major breakthrough for traditional earth resistance testing. It is widely used in the power, telecommunications, construction, industrial and electrical utility industry.

For loop earthing systems such as MEN or CMEN, the operator can measure the earth resistance and test for continuity without having to disconnect the earthing system and drive or use auxiliary electrodes (sometimes referred to as “stakes”) normally required for accurate resistivity measurements.

Included Items

  • Ground Resistance Tester
  • Test Ring
  • 4 – 1.5V Alkaline Batteries
  • Operating Instruction Manual
  • Storage Case w/ Foam Padding

How it works
The instrument is designed and constructed using a set of interposing CT’s in the clamp head specifically designed for accurate earth resistance measurements. One current transformer induces a voltage on the conductor while the other remaining current transformer provides current measurement through the existing earthing loop, allowing a resistance or current measurement to be obtained, displayed and the reading held if required for logging results at a later stage. The “tong” type clamp head is specially designed to reduce calibration errors by increasing the clamp pressure and the robust design of the transformers.

The instrument is capable of reading up to 15 amperes of current flowing through the earthing system making it the ideal tool for earth resistance and current measurements in most existing electricity network applications including Single Wire Earth Return (SWER).


Max Voltage AC

Max Amps







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