Branach Fibreglass Extension Ladder 5.7m - 9.4m, 140kg WLL

Branach Fibreglass Extension Ladder 5.7m - 9.4m, 140kg WLL

Code: FED9.4-PS-TL-TB
Brand: Branach
Product Details
Ladder, f/g, ext, 5.7-9.4m, 140kg WLL, pole strap, top lash, tie down bar, Branach

Branach Powermaster Fibreglass Extension Ladders

Branach fibreglass ladders are designed specifically for the electrical industry and have a well deserved reputation for performing their tasks quickly, safely and efficiently.

Part # Included Accessories Retracted Extended WLL Weight
FED3.4-PS-TL PS: Pole Strap - TL: Top Lash 2.4m 3.4m 160kg 12.0kg

  • High strength durable box rails
  • Light weight
  • Twist and sway resistant
  • Weather resistant
  • Patented latch system
  • Swivel feet with urethane studs and gravel spikes
  • Spring rope retraction
  • Non-slip “D” profile rungs
  • Non conductive safety yellow fibreglass
  • Side pull standard
  • Complies with AS/NZS1892.3.1996   

Part # Retracted Extended WLL Weight
FED 3.4 2.4m 3.4m 160kg 12.0kg
FED 4.0 2.7m 4.0m 160kg 15.5kg
FED 5.2 3.3m 5.2m 160kg 18.5kg
FED 6.4 3.9m 6.4m 160kg 21.6kg
FED 7.6 4.5m 7.6m 160kg 27.1kg
FED 8.8 5.1m 8.8m 150kg 31.5kg
FED 9.4 5.7m 9.4m 140kg 35.5kg
FED 9.8 5.8m 9.8m 120kg 35.5kg

Accessories that making working at heights safer and more productive 

Although the ladders are lightweight and easy to use, the working environments can be difficult and vary greatly, from loose gravel to the need for extra safety when working with high overhead electrical wires.

Branach recognised the industry’s need for accessories to be designed to enhance safety and performance.

Today, this range of additional equipment has been recognised for its innovative design and quality of manufacture. Whatever the situation, Branach has an answer.

  • To overcome the problem of uneven ground, the ladder can use a swivel foot for minor slopes or a set of levellers for more extreme ground conditions.
  • To prevent slipping on a greasy or water soaked base, a lashing rope can be used to tie the base of the ladder to the work pole. 
  • Unique cable hooks allow workers to rest the top of the ladder against a cable for improved safety and stability and make it possible to work mid-strand.
  • When conditions require the ladder to be placed against a power-pole, the Branach accessory to use is either the pole chain or pole strap. 
  • If there is a possibility of damage to a building’s surface due to the ladder being in contact with it, then rubber boots are available for the fly end of the ladder.

The same world class standards that made Branach the premier brand for working at heights can also be found in the range of exclusive accessories.

*Accessories for FED Series (Sold Separately)

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