5 Tonne Battery Hydraulic Crimper, 18V, up to 240mm2

5 Tonne Battery Hydraulic Crimper, 18V, up to 240mm2

Code: EK425CFM-0
Brand: Klauke
Product Details
Crimper, battery hydraulic, 18V, b/tooth, 5T, suits C dies up to 240mm2, skin, Klauke

Klauke Battery Powered Hydraulic Crimping Tool 5T

Part No: EK425CFM-0 (skin supplied with case)

Part No: EK425CFM-K (tool supplied with case inc. charger and 2x 1.3Ah battery)


  • High performance 18 V Lithium-Ion Battery, 50% higher capacity than previous model and extremely short charging times
  • Powerful motor for quick crimping cycle
  • One handed ergonomic design with single push button operation 
  • Electronic control and inspection of crimping cycle
  • Integrated pressure test with optical and acoustical signal in case of failure
  • LED light to illuminate working space
  • Multifunctional LED indicates maintenance and battery control
  • Automatic stop once crimp is completed, saving power and extending battery life
  • Quick motor stop guarantees highest safety for the operator
  • Automatic retraction once crimp is completed
  • Manual retraction does not rely on battery power
  • Environment-friendly hydraulic oil, quickly biodegradable
Crimping Force50kN/5T
Al/CuAl - 300mmsq Cu - 240mmsq
Number of Crimps per chargeapprox 140 @ 70mm
Head TypeScissor
Head Rotation360deg
StrokeJaw Opening - 40mm
Weight2.6kg inc battery
Dimensions430mm(H) x 110mm(W) x 80mm(D)
Kit IncludesComes with tool, case, 1.3Ah battery and charger

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