Rubber Gloves Class 3 >26.5kVAC, Red/Black, 400mm, 16", Size 9, Salisbury
Rubber Gloves Class 3 >26.5kVAC, Red/Black, 400mm, 16", Size 9, Salisbury

Code: E316RB-9
Brand: Salisbury
Product Details
Gloves, rubber, red black, 400mm, 16", class 3, max use 26.5kVAC, size 9, Salisbury

  • Salisbury Class 3 Insulating gloves for live electrical work
  • Meet ASTM D120 and IEC/EN 60903 standards
  • All ASTM voltage classes available
  • Dual coloured gloves, internal/external for easy inspection
  • Straight Cuff (Bell Cuff and Contour Cuff also available)
  • Sizes 9-10, including half sizes 9 & 10
  • Natural rubber
Part # Cuff Style Working Voltage ASTM Class Size Glove Colour Length ASTM Label Colour
E316RB-9 Straight Cuff 26.5kV 3 9 Red/Black 16”/400mm Green
E316RB-10 Straight Cuff 26.5kV 3 10 Red/Black 16”/400mm Green
E316RB-10H Straight Cuff 26.5kV 3 10.5 Red/Black 16”/400mm Green

Correct Measurement & Fitting

  • Measure the circumference of the palm of your hand
  • Any increment over a full or half size will take you to the next full or half size
  • Rubber gloves sizes are manufactured in inch (“) sizes
  • Allow for cotton inner gloves

Please Note

As of June 2018, the legacy range of HV gloves from Salisbury have been discontinued, only gloves that remain in stock are available. Please see the crossover chart in the PDF here to confirm the new glove

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