Screw Anchor Double Helix

Screw Anchor Double Helix

Code: D-134-2-6-M24
Product Details
Anchor Screw Twin Helix 355mm M24 thread 8.1KnM

Square Shaft Anchors 35mm

  • 8.1kN UTS Torque
  • 35mm External Hub
  • M24 Thread
Part No. Type Helix Size Weight
D-84-6-M24 Single 200mm 4.1kg
D-104-6-M24 Single 250mm 5.4kg
D-114-6-M24 Single 300mm 7.0kg
D-44-2-6-M24 Twin 100mm 7.8kg
D-104-2-6-M24 Twin 250mm 13.8kg
D-134-2-6-M24 Twin 355mm 9.0kg

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