25kN Hydraulic Puller Tensioner, Tesmec

25kN Hydraulic Puller Tensioner, Tesmec

Code: AFS303
Brand: Tesmec
Product Details
Hydraulic puller, tensioner, max pull 25kN at 2.5km/h, max tension 25kN at 5km/h, Tesmec

  • Ideal for OPGW 
  • Used for overhead stringing - one rope or one conductor
  • Machine completely electronically controlled
  • Bull wheels made of high resistance interchangeable nylon sectors
  • Negative self-acting hydraulic brake
  • Hydraulic dynamometer with set-point and automatic control of maximum pull
  • Hydraulic oil cooling system
  • Diesel engine - water cooled
  • Digital meter counter
  • Control instruments for hydraulic system and diesel engine
  • Rigid axle for towing at max speed of 30km/hr with mechanical parking brake
  • Hydraulic power pack to control 1 drum stand with hydraulic motor or one reel winder
  • Gearbox with 3 operating positions; Neutral, Low tension (1 - 5kN) & Nominal tension
  • Configured for Data Logging
  • Hydraulically actuated front plough stabiliser
  • Grounding device on board
  • Machine weight 2300kg excluding fluids


  • Puller max pull 25kN
  • Puller speed at max pull 2.5km/hr
  • Puller max speed 4.25km/hr
  • Puller pull at max speed 15kN
  • Tensioner max tension 25kN
  • Tensioner max speed 5km/hr
  • Engine Output 34kW (46hp)
  • Bull wheel Ø 1500mm


  • Standard Trailer
  • Mine Spec Site Trailer
  • Pull Recorder DLR300

Hire Also Available from TEN Hire

Tension Stringing with Tesmec Cable Hauling Equipment

The first goal when installing - or replacing in case of re-conductoring - an overhead single or bundled conductor(s) is to prevent its damage during stringing operations.

Tension stringing and power lines installation technology allows you to install the conductor under controlled mechanical tension, preventing it from touching the ground (or any infrastructure on the line path), and minimizing the impact on the line path.

Re-conductoring stringing operations, with energized line (possible only for lines with more than 2 circuits - one will be interrupted), are becoming more frequent and vitally important all around the world. Live line operations are the most efficient way to:
- replace old conductors when close to the end of their life,
- increase the capacity of an existing line, by replacing the ordinary conductors with the new generation ones like HTLS (High Temperature Low Sag).

The possibility of tension stringing all the conductors of a phase simultaneously is a great achievement for installation efficiency. Multiple stringing can perform up to eight conductor simultaneously, using multiple conductor machines or modular electronically synchronized machines.
The high precision and reliability of the tension control system, independent for every conductor, deliver the highest installation quality.

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