Wire Rope Ratchet Hoist, 4.5m Double/ 9.0m Single Pull, Medium Frame, Lug-All

Wire Rope Ratchet Hoist, 4.5m Double/ 9.0m Single Pull, Medium Frame, Lug-All

Code: 3000-30-ANZ
Brand: Lug-All
Product Details
Hoist, ratchet, wire, single, 9m/680kg, double, 4.5m/1360kg, medium frame, Lug-All

LUG-ALL® Cable Hoists have been the most popular product for the last 6 decades as the leading tool for industrial uses.

Ideal for hundreds of tasks, including lifting, lowering, pulling, tensioning, stretching and bending, Construction and Renovation, Road and Bridge Construction and Repair, Structural Steel Erection, Welding Alignment, Pump and Motor Installation and Overhaul, Rigging, HVAC, Conveyor Repairs, Fence Tensioning, Tree Service, and Landscaping.

LUG-ALL Cable Hoists can be used virtually anywhere a completely dependable, durable, industrial strength come-along/hoist is needed.

Easy-to-handle when wearing gloves: super flexible, 133-strand aircraft cable and fastconnecting, 360° swiveling hooks with safety latches for quick, positive, loading and unloading.

  • Lug-All wire rope hoists for lifting or pulling applications
  • Reversible handle designed to bend on overload
  • Use the entire cable length! The exclusive LUG-ALL swaged, ball-shank anchor locks the cables end into the drum
  • Self lubricating bearings
  • Quick release will not function when the cable is under load
  • Non-slip interlocking pawl system
  • Open Design – Easily inspected
  • Marine-grade models available
  • Aluminium alloy frame and drop forged steel hooks
Ten Part No Frame Size Single Line Double Line Net Wt
Capacity Lift/Pull
Capacity Lift/Pull
Standard Model
2250-20-ANZ Small 500kg 6.0m 1000kg 3.0m 4.2kg
3000-30-ANZ Medium 680kg 9.0m 1360kg 4.5m 6.3kg
4000-20-ANZ Medium 900kg 6.0m 1800kg 3.0m 7.0kg
6000-15-ANZ Large 1360kg 4.5m 2720kg 2.2m 15.4kg

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