Stirrup Style Wedge Connector, Shear Bolt, Main 4.114-7.416mm, 550Amp Bail Rating

Stirrup Style Wedge Connector, Shear Bolt, Main 4.114-7.416mm, 550Amp Bail Rating

Code: 102011
Brand: Connector Products, Inc.
Product Details
Connector, wedge, stirrup, shear bolt, main 4.114-7.416 mm, 550amp bail rating, CPI

Aluminium Strrup Connectors are designed for connecting to Aluminum or Copper conductors. Stirrups are intended to product the main line conductor from damage and arcing as Hot Line clamps are connected and disconnected.

CPI Stirrup Connectors are extremely beneficial in applications that may need to be Disconnected.

During installation, when proper spring tension and torque is achieved, the Shear Head Bolt will break off giving the installer a positive indication of a correctly completed connection.

  • Easy to remove and re-use without damaging the conductor
  • Designed for use in connecting aluminium or copper conductors for Transmission and Distribution systems
  • Heavy Duty Tin Plated bail has a large loop to allow for multiple connecting positions
  • Tin Plated bail eliminates galvanic reaction
  • Utilizes the industry-proven Wedge Connecting principle and is quick and easy to apply with a common socket or impact wrench
Conductor Type & Size Aluminum ACSR Conductor Type & Size Copper CPI Bail Part Number
7/.064 (7/1.63) 102011
7/.080 (7/2.03) 102010
3/2.75 SC/GZ 3/12 SC/GZ (3/2.64) n/a
3/2.75 SC/AC 3/4/2.5 ACSR/GZ 3/4/2.5 ACSR/AC n/a
7/2.50 AAC 7/2.75 7/.104 (7/2.64) 102010
7/3.00 AAC 6/1/3.00 ACSR 6/1/.118 ACSR 19/2.00 19/.083 (19/2.11) 102009
7/3.75 AAC 6/1/3.75 ACSR
7/4.50 AAC 6/.186+7/.062 ACSR 19/2.50 19/.116 (19/2.75)
19/2.75 19/.116 (19/2.95)
19/3.25 AAC 19/.128 336915-1
19/3.75 AAC 19/.149 AAC 556580

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