Reliaguard EEL Slider

Conductor Cover

Protecting conductors is essential when applying effective cover-up to prevent animal and bird caused outages. Reliaguard strongly recommends the use of conductor cover with all animal guards.

  • Based on the 100 years of collective knowledge of the Reliaguard linemen who specialize in wildlife mitigation, designs consider all risk points
  • Reliaguard’s GreyEEL Conductor Cover helps prevent contacts by eliminating gaps in coverage
  • The product’s improved protection is achieved with a significantly overlapped seam design and material memory technology that supports exceptional closure performance
  • GreyEEL is a silicone rubber tubing that is highly flexible and makes application easy

Features and Benefits

  • Reliaguard has developed the revolutionary EEL Slider tool to apply GreyEEL
  • The EEL Slider is designed for use with the rubber glove work method or for de-energized installation
  • Ergonomically designed and easy to use, the EEL Slider optimizes safety, dexterity and the speed of applying GreyEEL