Greenlee Speed Punch

Fast and efficient Battery Powered Hydraulic Punch

Ideal Applications for Greenlee Speed Punch

Steel or aluminium cabinets where access for cables is required

The 11-Tonne Battery powered Punch Driver from Greenlee is the fastest, most powerful knockout driver available on the market today.

  • Auto-Retract Technology Patent-Pending - Pressure-sensing technology accurately detects punch completion and automatically retracts the ram, for longer tool life
  • Time Saver - maximum cycle time of 8 seconds
  • Punch up to 161.9mm size holes in mild steel and 115.4mm holes in stainless steel
  • 360° Rotating Head - Rugged, patent-pending swivel design to punch at any angle
  • Compact, Ergonomic Design - Ergonomic tapered grip for easy one-handed operation
  • Gator Eye® Compatible - with i-Press™ software, monitor tool perf ormance including peak forces and number of cycles
  • Compatibility - Works with all Greenlee knockouts. Same draw studs used with other Greenlee Hydraulic punches
  • Lightweight - 2.63kg
  • Led light for dark areas

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