Genics Fire Mesh

Genics Fire Mesh

Fire Proof your wooden poles and structures

Ideal Applications for Genics Fire Mesh

Utility poles where there is significant vegetation Timber railroad structures where foundation timbers are located near high fire risk areas Building construction where timber poles are used to support structures.

Genics Fire MeshTM protective barrier is designed to protect wooden structures from burning and scorching. With Fire Mesh utilities are able to fire harden their systems without direct replacment. Genics FireMesh can easily be installed at the depot or on-site where poles are already in service.

  • FireMesh innovative protective barrier is designed to protect power poles from the intense heat of a bushfire
  • High performance intumescent fibreglass mesh allows the pole to breathe and does not trap moisture against the pole
  • Heavily tested to draft ASTM wood pole fire standard and accelerated weathering
  • Easy to install - supplied in convenient 50m rolls , Fire Mesh can be stapled or nailed to the pole and provides an immediate protective barrier.

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