Hydraulic Machines

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  • 25kN Hydraulic Puller Tensioner, Tesmec
  • 45kN Hydraulic Puller Tensioner, Tesmec
  • 15kN Hydraulic Puller, Tesmec
  • 35kN Hydraulic Puller, Tesmec
  • 50kN Hydraulic Puller, Standard Trailer Mount, Tesmec
  • 454kg (1000lbs) Capstan Hydraulic Winch Hoist - Effortless Heavy Lifting
  • Winch, electric, 110v, 2.72T (6000lbs), motor gearbox & capstans only, iToolCo
  • Winch, battery, 27.2kN, (6000lbs), extension arm, conduit adaptors, iToolco
  • Battery Power Capstan Portable Winch, 1360kg capacity, inc 762mm Ext, conduit adaptors, iTOOLco
  • Puller-Tensioner, Hydraulic, 50kN, HMI, Remote Control & Rope Clamps - TESMEC

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