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  • Indicator, voltage up to 500kV, 50Hz, kit, case, HDE
  • Insulator, tester, portable with case, HDE
  • Tester, proof for DVI-100 DVI-500, HDE
  • Tester, rope, magnetic base, 2 x 9V battery, HDE
  • Voltmeter, phasing, digital, dual stick, 50v-40kV with hard carry case, HDE
  • Ammeter, High voltage, digital 0-2000 amps AC, incl.CS-HVA carrying case, HDE
  • Voltage probe, 50VAC to 600VAC, proximity to 21kVAC, carry bag, HDE
  • Tester, arrester, two stick live line tester, 4kV-25kV phase to phase, HDE
  • Tester, Transformer, (Clear Test), HDE
  • Detector, phase/voltage, 100V-138kV, digital display, uni fitting, case, HDE

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